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Injection of fat and nanofluid
Injection of fat and nanofluid

Fat Grafting Procedures

Fat Grafting is applied to the areas which are deficient in volume or need to be augmented to give a better shape. The most commonly fat injected sites include:

For the fat grafting we obtain the high quality fat from the patients belly or thighs and then we wash it with solutions to clear it from tissue debris and blood. The fat is then thinned and filtered. At the last step it is injected with small blunt cannulas to the planned locations.


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Nano-fat Grafting Procedures

Nano-fat (also known as “super-micro fat”) is produced by extracting the fat from the patient with a special cannula with holes less than 2mm in diameter. It is scientifically proven that the survival rates of the fat is highest and the complication rates are lowest when the fat is harvested with a cannula with pores less than 2 mm in diameter. The extracted fat is then processed in such a way that the fraction of the fat cells which includes the stromal vascular fraction emerges which has positive effects on increasing the quality of the skin, helping to correct hyperpigmentation and rejuvenating it. Combining nano-fat with volume restoring normal fat injection gives amazing results in terms of facial rejuvenation.